Liner Agency and International Freight Forwarding. Sea and Air Agency

Services for all Inbout and Outbound cargo.

CFS Warehouse services & Cargo

Consolidation. Consolidate cargo from various small customers for LCL / FCL and manages import/export container freight station operations and other freight handling operations

Logistics Project Management Cargo & OOG cargo transportation.

Logistics Project Management Cargo & OOG cargo transportation. Solution logistics for packing, crating, moving overside, overweight cargo, from factory to the plan and vice-versa.


. A shipper owned container and operate as carriers without vessel.

Port Agency, Trucking, Towage, Container barges & Midtream services

Port Agency, Trucking, Towage, Container barges & Midtream services. Inland haulage, barges to lightenrate the cargo, assist the vessel to berth the quey.

Customs House Brokerage, & Documentary services.

Customs House Brokerage, & Documentary services. On Import & Export Air or Sea with our own team of over 7 licenced customs brokers.

Fast and Direct Service from China and East Asia to the Red Sea and Mediterranean

The Five Seas Express (5CX) connects key ports in China and Malaysia to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey. This service offers a fast, direct, and reliable option for shipping cargo between these regions, with a modern fleet of vessels and state-of-the-art equipment. The 5CX service connects Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha, and Port Klang with Jeddah, Damietta, and Istanbul, providing comprehensive coverage for shippers. Our team of experienced operators is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the smooth transportation of cargo from origin to destination. Join the growing number of satisfied shippers who are choosing the 5CX service for their container shipping needs.

Why you choose MARINA-LOGISTICS ?

At Marina-Logistics, we aim to provide easy and flexible solutions to improve trade across countries, companies and people. We specialise in container shipping and liner services that facilitate the movement of goods in and between emerging markets and major economies.
We initially started by purchasing slots on various main liner operator and feeder services to respond to the demand from NVOCC customers. Since then, we have evolved from a one-vessel operation into a globally-recognised business with a modern fleet, equipped with the latest technologies.

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Phone number in HCM Branch +84 28.38.221170 / +84